Trainings & Facilitated Conversations:

Anti-Racial Bias Training:

Bias and prejudice can and does materialize in many different forms. Majority of these biases are imbedded deep within the social psyche and are the result of our social environment and conditioning. We tacitly learn these behaviors, and can consciously unlearn them. As a society and a global community, we have reached a point where our actions must match our words. In order to move forward, we must acknowledge our areas of improvement in order to take corrective measures. We also need compassion and support as we implement these corrective measures. In the current vernacular, these biases are explained away as “racial privilege.” However, such explanations only serve to minimize the harm inflicted on people who are victims of such racial biases, and exasperate the drain on our social economy leading to division and communal fracture. This interactive training is for public, private, and non-profit sector entities who wish to proactively support themselves and their staff in moving forward towards a more just society, and away from conflict and litigation because of conscious & unconscious racial bias.

Gender Inclusivity Training:

In this current age, gender plays a de minimus role in our abilities to perform our social obligations. However, gender and gender-roles has also polarized us and impacted our abilities to engage with each other. The influx of new terms and identities has also created confusion and isolation. This popular training will discuss concepts of gender, gender identity, and sexuality in a safe and affirmative setting of engagement and learning.

Conflict De-escalation:

This training workshop focuses on equipping participants with recognizing and diffusing conflict by transforming disagreements into learning moments and avoiding workplace disruption. We as a society spend majority of our time with co-workers and disagreements are a natural part of human interaction. In order for these disagreements to not turn into full-fledge conflicts and resulting lawsuits, one must actively choose to approach the issue as a partner rather than an adversary. We assist entities with proactively addressing discord through conflict management and de-escalation strategies.

Note: We provide in-person or virtual trainings across the nation. Our trainings/workshops are conducted and designed by a team of triumphant impacted and academic voices with a vision to move forward from past indiscretions to an equitable future.

Please email for information, scheduling, and pricing. Our pricing structure is based on the size, location, and the budget of the requesting entity.