Healing Peaks

Women’s Healing Circle  May, 2019 - Miami, FL

Women’s Healing Circle

May, 2019 - Miami, FL

Healing circles are ancestral traditions that were used to build and hold communities and villages together. Healing Circles can be used in any and all settings. Today, healing circles are being used to bring and hold communities together that are stricken by violence, hurt and pain, with hopes of transformational healing. Our healing circles are non-denominational and we do not impose any religion upon the circle. These collective spaces are safe and affirming for all participants, through shared guidelines and values that holds the circle together. We believe that through these guidelines and values, we can build trust, empathy, compassion, communication skills, and solutions that empower individuals and communities through a shared model of leadership, learning, and teaching. Circles can be a container for strong feelings, conflict, frustration, anger, fear, hurt, pain, sorrow, and loss; while simultaneously fostering healing, strength, joy, understanding, and appreciation. Healing circles will support in bringing safety and peace back to our communities. Healing circles are non-denominational and known by Native Americans as a ritual used to call on our ancestors to be intermediaries between us and the universe.