Our vision is to empower poor marginalized and criminalized people who are much more likely to be victims of human trafficking, exploitation and discrimination with sustainable job readiness skills and basic entrepreneur steps for the enthusiast. As we know people are much more vulnerable when they’re unemployed, homeless, uneducated, migrant status, and formerly incarcerated. With self will and direct support we know that survivors are born and gateways that lead to human trafficking, exploitation and modernized slavery are closed. We believe that economic empowerment is a first step towards a long term solution of restorative  and transformative justice. Because poverty is not something that people chose but is rather inherited from generation to generation. We envision the reunification of family and community that would raise up kingdoms. In doing so, the gates of human trafficking and exploitation will perish and the restoration of these targeted groups of people will rise up. As we grow in our capacity so will our communities and the people who occupy them. Our vision is to empower women and girls with a long term solution that ends domestic/sexual violence, human trafficking and exploitation to break the chains and shackles that impedes their healing inside out. And as our male attendance and interest grows, so will our direct services - for we know that men too, are victims and survivors of the sex Trade, but for now it’s ladies first policy here. We envision a complete shutdown of human trafficking and exploitation.